Our current project is in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital in eastern Uganda where we are helping the hospital develop their newborn care.

Where is Mbale?

The hospital is set in the beautiful foothills of Mount Elgon in the east of Uganda

  • Did you know...

    There are just under 10,000 babies born at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital every year. That is almost double the number born in an average hospital in the UK.

  • Why are these babies so vulnerable?

    When babies are born earlier than expected, their lungs are not yet mature, they struggle to regulate their body temperature, and are much more prone to catching infection.

  • Why do so many babies die?

    The reason so many more preterm babies die here is the lack of knowledge, training and resources to recognise and care for these challenging tiny babies.

What are we doing?


Improving knowledge is key to creating a long-lasting change. Our newborn care training course teaches staff the essential skills they need to care for babies who are sick or who have been born too soon

Developing systems

For patients to receive the highest possible quality of medical care , every one in the hospital must work together. We are working hard to involve everyone in patient centred care. Examples include maintenance, nurses, administration, pharmacy, doctors and cleaners. They are all equally important  and play a vital role in saving lives.

Sustainable support

We are making some changes to the equipment and infrastructure that the hospital has. Without these the staff cannot provide the care the babies need to survive