Training in Newborn Care

Born on the Edge strives to ensure that the help we give will last and one of the best ways to achieve this is via education, teaching and training. These are some of the opportunities we have created to allow local staff to learn about essential newborn care.

Newborn Care Training Course

Opportunities for training are hard to come by when your job is so busy and resources are stretched to the limit. Yet without education how can we improve?

We have developed a training course in essential newborn care that will equip healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills they need to look after newborn babies. Empowering local staff gives them the confidence to improve the quality of care that they give to their patients day after day.

The course runs for twelve modules. Some examples of the modules are listed to the right.

Care of the baby at birth

This is the first of twelve modules and teaches staff how to prepare for delivery and how to look after the baby during the first hour of life

Examination of the newborn

This module teaches staff how to examine a newborn baby properly so that any problems are recognised and dealt with promptly

Danger Signs

There are eight danger signs in newborn babies that healthcare workers must be able to recognise. If the correct actions are then taken, the baby’s life will be saved.


The fourth module in the series teaches healthcare workers how to provide immediate life saving treatment for babies who are sick

Newborn Care Conference

During one of our previous projects at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, we celebrated World Prematurity Day by organising a Newborn Care Conference. Born on the Edge facilitated a day led by local staff that enabled them to share essential knowledge, expertise and experience with others. It was a resounding success and received national news coverage. Below are a few pictures from the day.