• Bududa District Hospital

Our project in Bududa District Hospital began in April 2017

It might not be far as the crow flies, but the winding and bumpy road means that it is far away and many sick babies fail to reach the regional neonatal facilities in Mbale.

Having completed our newborn care training course in 2017, we continue to provide regular support supervision visits to Bududa. Our next goal is to provide sustainable basic equipment for their newborn nursery.

Donate to our Bududa Project

We would like you to support our newborn care training course in Bududa. If you would like to help us provide the teaching and training resources we need please don’t hesitate to get in touch or click on the title above. 

  • Kapchorwa District Hospital

In March 2016 our team were invited by staff at Kapchorwa District Hospital to help them set up a neonatal unit. 

Under our guidance they have developed a dedicated 6 bed neonatal unit where we have trained their nurses and doctors to provide basic neonatal care.

Our Born on the Edge neonatal clinician, Juliet, ran our 14 week training course and has continued to mentor the team weekly since. They are now up and running and successfully saving newborn lives by themselves.

Donate to our Kapchorwa Project


We have completed our newborn care training course in Kapchorwa and their neonatal unit is functioning well. They desperately need some basic equipment including a simple oxygen monitor and oxygen concentrator. Please help us provide this life saving equipment. 

  • Pallisa District Hospital

An hour away from Mbale, Pallisa is a busy district hospital.

47 members of staff were taught on our fourteen module newborn care training course that we ran in Pallisa between December 2015 and March 2016. 

The hospital is currently undergoing a renovation of their wards including their planned neonatal unit and we can’t wait for work to finish so we can get them up and running.

Donate to our Pallisa Project


We plan to visit Pallisa on a regular basis when they have finished their renovations. These visits allow us to support the team there as their skills and knowledge grow. A generous donation will help us make this a reality sooner.