“I am Jamila. This was my seventh pregnancy, I went for scanning and it showed that I had twins. I delivered at 7 months and my babies weighed less than 1.0kg.

According to my doctors the babies could survive in NNU but on our side we had no hope”

The aunty said “we thought we would loose both babies and even the mother. We had no idea of how to take care of the babies, the second twin was so sickly, breathing poorly, was weak and had a colour that we didn’t know about. If the doctors hadn’t told me about the yellow colour (jaundice)we might have lost that baby.

Jamila adds “The phototherapy machine was so helpful for that yellow colour. I count myself lucky because I had neighbours who needed it but due to scarcity they could not get it.

I am glad that I learnt how to take care of newborns and premature babies. Today the twins are 1.100 and 1.220 and we are going home.

My advice to women with the same condition is that they should be obedient and follow instructions as they are given by the neonatal team.”

Well done Nalongo! You have done a great job looking after your two gorgeous babies and we look forward to seeing them grow!

December 2017