“I reported with my baby, Simeon, to the neonatal unit on the 22nd January. He was gasping. I was so worried. He had been born that day at 26 weeks and weighed just 880g. I was welcomed warmly and the baby was worked on in an amazing way my the nurse on duty. Simeon began to get better and was soon reviewed by the doctor. The doctor and her team reviewed him everyday and they were so interested in seeing him get better. I am so happy for the commitment that the staff here show.

The neonatal unit are blessed with the CPAP machines for helping babies like Simeon breathe. I remember my son was the first to use the new CPAP machine when he was doing so badly and it made him well.

The good thing I have liked about the unit is that the mothers of the preterms have been provided meals. We also received hats and clothing for our babies to keep them warm, comfortable and growing.

Sadly though we have no beds to sleep or rest and many of our belongings go missing. I hope someone one day will help them to build more space for the mamas and their babies.

For all the 56 days I spent on the neonatal unit, I don’t regret a single day. I am going home with my baby alive, healthy and weighing 1.26kg. I thank all who support the work in the neonatal unit spiritually, socially and economically.”

March 2017