After nearly 6 weeks on the neonatal unit, these little ones are on their way home! Born around 28 weeks of pregnancy they have had a tough journey but they have made it!

“My name is Aguti Rose, this was my fifth pregnancy and it was a set of twins. I did not expect to have twins.

I delivered them at another hospital. The medical team there asked me to come here to the neonatal unit because they have better services.

I was so naive about the health of my children, I did not know what effect prematurity would bring upon them. At first it was hard to cope with the instructions given to me about the children but later I understood. I am going to do just the same at home too.

I am happy that I can go home with my twins alive. I thank the staff at the neonatal unit for their work.

I really appreciate the lunch that was given to me each day but still the challenge I faced while staying here was lack of food because I had to stay in hospital for more than 5 weeks. I was not alone facing that issue as many other mothers struggle to eat more than one meal a day”

Born on the Edge is so grateful for the ongoing support of JENGA Uganda who provide lunch for our mothers every day. Without that meal, many of our mothers wouldn’t be able to stay at all and they would run away with their babies.

Yet still many of our mothers are trying to breastfeed or express breast milk and they would really benefit from another plate of rice and beans each day.

Please do get in touch if you would like to help sponsor meals for the mothers.

January 2018