Threadbare Beds

Please help us save more babies and give them the respectful care that they truly deserve.

Batteries and Beds for Babies

So many of us are so privileged, and yet we don’t realise it. Many of us will have been born in the safety of a well-equipped hospital, with a skilled midwifery and obstetric team around and access to first-class neonatal care should it be needed. For many of us those things were taken for granted and the things we actually contemplated were more like which music to play and what to wear during labour. Many of us never even considered that we might not survive child birth or that we not take our newborn baby home alive.

Sadly for many women in the world delivering their baby is a terrifying experience, one that follows a fine line between life and death for both the mother and her newborn.

Here in Mbale in eastern Uganda, with your support, we are lucky enough to have created a leading neonatal unit which admits sick neonates from miles around. As many of you know our neonatal unit has more than doubled from 100 to 220 admissions a month and alongside that we have reduced our mortality from 52% to 14%. That means that we have up to 5 babies sometime even 7 squeezed into one bed!

The risk of transferring infections is therefore high when the babies are close and share beds. The overuse means that our beds are also threadbare and can not be cleaned effectively.

We are desperate to replace all 6 adult beds with newborn cots to give the newborns the dignity, care and safety that they deserve.

If we replace our 6 adult beds we have space to fit 27 baby cots! That’s lots of safe and happy babies!

One baby cot costs £220 and we have created a new fundraising campaign to help track the number of beds we can afford. 

Batteries and Beds for Babies

Please help give a sick or preterm newborn a bed…you know you want to 😀 we can’t do it without you!

Thank you all!