Our Mission

To save and support babies born on the edge of life, viability and society in the  poorest regions of the world through education, research and sustainable support

Our Aims

Through the development of local partnerships we aim to improve the survival of the world’s most vulnerable newborn babies by:

  • Providing training for local doctors, nurses and health workers in newborn care
  • Supporting young healthcare workers involved in international newborn health research
  • Developing sustainable projects to improve newborn healthcare facilities

Our Values

Have you ever seen a mother crying after the death of her newborn baby? Have you ever seen a baby die for reasons that were entirely preventable? Have you ever seen this happen everyday?

We have and that is why we want to help.

The first month of our lives is the most dangerous and within that month the first 24 hours of life carry the highest risk of death. It is a sad fact that of the 10 million children that die in our world every year, 4 million of them are babies that die before reaching one month of age. Perhaps not unsurprisingly nearly all of these newborn deaths happen in the developing world. Prematurity, newborn brain injury and newborn infection account for most of these deaths. These are conditions that are both preventable and treatable. For those babies that survive the dangerous newborn period, these diseases still leave them at a higher chance of death in childhood and at risk of longterm complications.

We believe that all babies should have a safe delivery into life, with the care and support needed to give them the best chance of survival. This care begins early in the pregnancy with the provision of education and regular antenatal care. It includes safe delivery with skilled attendance and good hygiene together with the resources and skills for newborn resuscitation. It continues thereafter to rely on caregivers and healthcare workers having knowledge and education in newborn care. It must also include timely recognition of sick, small and premature newborns and their referral for appropriate treatment. All of these vulnerable and sick newborns should have access to healthcare facilities that can provide this treatment and support when needed.

With your help, we hope to bring this vision to reality by taking one step at a time in some of the worlds poorest regions with some of the worlds most vulnerable babies.